About Our Services

The Career Center's IIO team supports Bruins applying for internships, fellowships, research positions, volunteer assignments, and other "experiential learning" programs in the U.S. and abroad.  We are privileged to serve students in all majors, from their first day on campus through graduation.  Please drop by and visit our resource center, The Zone, where you'll open the door to hundreds of opportunities in business, science, media, technology, and public service.

Employers in all of these fields are eager to meet standout UCLA candidates with solid hands-on experience.  However, it's often a real challenge for busy students to find the quality internships and training programs that help them build strong professional skills.  Only a small percentage of companies can invest the time to interview on campus or attend a career fair, and the extensive number of career websites makes the job search process seem daunting . 

For these reasons, our team invests a lot of time sharing the job search techniques that lead to great opportunities.  To connect you with a wider range of programs, we also research and list the internship websites for top employers in popular fields like consulting, entertainment, law, government, and biotech.  And, each summer, our Washington D.C. internship program offers practical support for Bruins ready to explore public service and a new market.

Other Job Search Websites (PDF).