Preparing for the Academic Job Search

Job Search Resources

Take it from Andrew: The first stop for anyone embarking on an academic job search should be UC Berkeley’s Career Center website. UC Berkeley’s PhD counselor, Dr. Andrew Greene, offers an excellent guide for students, complete with helpful job search websites:

Advice from University of Maryland: Dr. Mary Corbin Sies offers advice on preparing for the academic job interview:, as well as an academic job application checklist:

University of Chicago Tells All: University of Chicago has three full-time counselors working exclusively with PhD students. This means they have lots of time and resources to make some of the best pdf handouts available on-line. Go to their site:, and to find out how U of C students rationalize their bitter winters, while we’re lounging in the sun.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Illinois again. The winters are long. Lots of time to make handouts. Their resources are superb.