Statement of Purpose

The UCLA Career Center

Colleges and universities across the country emulate the UCLA Career Center, long considered the flagship of UC career centers. The staff has earned an enviable reputation among college career practitioners and employers, and is routinely contacted by the media for accurate career and employment information.  Contributions to the profes­sion include the Center’s highly regarded graduate internships, the innovative Peer Advisors program, and the staff’s research, publications, and leadership in professional associations.

Career Center programs, products, and services, exclusively for UCLA students and eligible University of California alumni, are designed to support the institution’s academic charter.

The Center’s mission is to promote the career development and related life planning skills of UCLA students and alumni, and to provide access to internships and employment opportunities so students may explore career choices and nurture career goals.

The Career Center engages in active outreach to students, alumni, employers, and faculty.  Guided by the philosophy that career development is a lifelong process of exploration and decision-making, the staff delivers programs and services designed to enrich the total development of students and alumni.  Among these activities are:

  • Advising/intake services to assess client needs and direct them to appropriate resources;
  • Individual/group counseling to help students determine their career values, interests, skills, and career management issues, to relate those factors to the work world or graduate or professional school preparation, and to provide support for difficult transitions;
  • Library (with Internet access) and Web-based resources to help students research occupational fields and professional/graduate education options, identify employment prospects, and prepare for the job search;
  • Workshops to assist in the acquisition of job search skills, educational planning and other career development tools;
  • Internships, part-time job listings and other experiential learning opportunities to explore career interests and/or to help finance students' schooling;
  • Credential services to assist those seeking faculty or administrative positions in academia, and letters of reference services for those applying to professional schools;
  • Full-time job listings, career fairs and campus interview facilities to assist in identifying employment opportunities and to facilitate networking activities;
  • Special events designed to increase students' knowledge of selected career fields and opportunities, and graduate or professional schools;
  • Analysis of student career development needs, projected labor markets and employment outcomes for faculty members, department heads and other University administrators;
  • Systems, programs, facilities, & consultation for employers to assist them with their efforts to recruit and hire UCLA students and alumni.

The Career Center is dedicated to offering UCLA students and alumni opportunities to make thoughtful and deliberate career choices.