On-Campus Recruitment (OCR) Student Responsibilities

The Student Responsibilities for the On-Campus Recruitment program were developed in the spirit of UCLA’s “True Bruin” ethics of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, and Respect.  All UCLA Bruins are expected to uphold the True Bruin ethical standards as ambassadors and representatives of UCLA.  In order to participate in the OCR program, students must adhere to the following responsibilities or face potential loss of recruiting privileges.  However, the Student Responsibilities were also designed to help you make a good impression on employers and handle ethical challenges you may encounter throughout the hiring process.

All students participating in the OCR program have the following responsibilities:

1. Be courteous & professional

2. Present accurate information

3. Exclusive Handshake account

4. Research companies & positions

5. Only pursue positions in which you have a serious interest

6. Honor all scheduled interviews

7. Carefully consider offers before accepting

8. Do not renege after accepting

9. Report acceptance to the Career Center


It is important to be courteous and professional throughout the recruitment process, specifically to recruiters, organization representatives, Career Center staff, and fellow students.  The way you interact throughout the recruitment process is not only a reflection of your own personal brand and professional reputation, it also reflects upon UCLA as an institution.  Professional behavior throughout the recruitment process includes:

  • Being on time to your interview,
  • Wearing appropriate, business professional attire; and
  • Being prompt, courteous, and honest in all communications and correspondence (in-person, over the phone, or virtually). 


Present only accurate information throughout the recruitment process including, but not limited to:

  • Information on your Handshake student profile (including GPA and major)
  • Job search documents (including resumes, cover letters, transcripts, test scores, and any other documentation requested by the employer)
  • Content of your responses to interview questions
  • And all other correspondence (written or verbal) throughout the recruitment process


Remember that your Handshake account is for your own individual use and should be used exclusively for your personal job search. Do not share your login information or allow other individuals to submit documents under your account.


Employers often tell us that the best way for you to make a great impression during the job search process is to demonstrate knowledge of their company and available positions. 

  • To make sure you can truly shine, read the job description carefully and target your resume, cover letter, and interview preparation to address how you meet their specific qualifications.
  • Attend employer information sessions at the UCLA Career Center to learn about a company’s opportunities straight from the source – check Handshake for the current schedule.
  • Conduct online research by visiting the company’s website and reading recent news articles about the company.
  • Visit the Career Center Library to read company and industry profiles in the various directories and periodicals we subscribe to.


Only interview for positions in which you have a serious interest.   Interviewing for a position when you have no intention of accepting a potential offer is disrespectful of the employer’s time and resources.  It also uses up an interview slot for a fellow student who may be genuinely interested in the opportunity. 

The OCR interview program is not to be used for the purpose of practicing your interview skills, though we do encourage you to prepare for your interview by taking advantage of the Career Center’s interview preparation resources:

  • Read the Successful Interviewing chapter of the UCLA Career Guide
  • Watch the 10 Steps to Acing the Interview webshop on the OCR Orientation page in MyUCLA
  • Schedule a mock interview with a career counselor through the Handshake Appointment system.


You can cancel or reschedule an interview up to two (2) business days in advance through Handshake. 
If you must cancel less than two days in advance due to a legitimate emergency:

  • Call us ASAP at 310.206.1902 and/or contact us to explain your situation.
  • Please provide full details including your full name, student ID#, name of company the interview is with, interview date & time, and a detailed description of the circumstances leading to the late cancellation. 

If you cancel an interview less than two full business days prior to the scheduled interview, or if you simply fail to show up for an interview, your recruiting privileges will be suspended until you meet with a Career Center manager who will determine an appropriate course of action based upon the details of your case. 

Please note that, per Career Center recruiting policies, employers scheduling second-round interviews are expected to give students at least three (3) full business days’ notice of proposed interview times, and accommodate students’ previous commitments. This should enable students to avoid cancelling a first-round interview because it conflicts with a second-round interview.


Students are expected to accept an offer only after careful consideration and to honor professional commitments. 

  • Per Career Center recruiting policies, employers participating in OCR are expected to give students two weeks to make informed decisions when comparing and responding to offers. If the employer gives you less than two weeks to decide this should be reported to the Career Center for appropriate follow-up.
  • For full time offers extended after an internship with the same company, employers are instructed to give students until the last Friday in October to make a decision.

If you experience an employer not adhering to any of these UCLA recruiting policies throughout the OCR process, we encourage you to contact the Career Center so we can help you navigate the situation.  Please note that employers recruiting outside of the OCR program are not held to these policies.


Accepting a job offer, either verbally or in writing, is an agreement to work for an employer. Reneging (withdrawing an acceptance of an offer) after having previously accepted, for any reason, is the most serious unprofessional recruiting behavior and is subject to significant repercussions. This behavior has a profound impact on an employer’s recruiting resources and timeline, as well as the student’s long-term professional reputation. 

After accepting a job offer, you are expected to cease interviewing for all positions that conflict with the opportunity you have accepted.

Students who renege an acceptance of employment will have their recruiting privileges suspended until they meet with a Career Center Manager, who will determine an appropriate course of action based upon the details of the case.


If you accept a job offer… congratulations!  By utilizing the OCR program, you agree to report acceptance of a job offer through the First Destination Survey within one (1) business day. This information is federally mandated and enables UCLA to provide useful information about the career outcomes of its graduates to current and prospective students.