What is BruinView™ for Alumni?

BruinView™ for Alumni is a searchable job listing system where thousands of jobs in California and nationwide are posted exclusively for UC alumni who are members of the UCLA Alumni Association. The system is password-protected, so you must purchase a subscription to access it. The system also serves current UCLA students.

What other features or tools are available on BruinView™ for Alumni other than the job listings?

Through UCLA’s alliance with 40+ other universities, BruinView™ for Alumni allows employers to list at multiple campuses including positions for candidates with experience ranging from entry level to senior executive level. This alliance provides our students and alumni members access to thousands of positions that may not otherwise be advertised at UCLA or in Southern California.

BruinView™ for Alumni is a powerful job search management system that allows alumni to store job search support documents (resumes, cover letters, writing samples, copies of transcripts, etc.)

Alumni can create job search agents that trigger email notifications when positions meeting their interests are newly listed, apply to positions online, and track their job search applications and progress.

Does BruinView™ for Alumni offer listings for different levels of professional experience?

The range of experience required is quite broad, from entry through executive levels. However the vast majority of positions listed for alumni seek candidates with three to ten years experience beyond their bachelor degrees.

How many employers post positions on BruinView™ for Alumni?

Each day new employers are posting jobs, so this figure is always growing. Between October 2002 when BruinView™ was first introduced to employers and October 2004, more than 7,200 organizations set up BruinView™ accounts exclusively at UCLA. This figure does not include the thousands of employers registered in the alumni jobs listing database BruinView™ shares with other major universities.

How many new jobs are posted on an average day?

Due to our alliance with other national universities, new postings can range from 70-200 a day, depending on whether we count jobs that are posted exclusively at UCLA or if we count jobs that are searchable in the entire database. In addition, alumni enjoy access to the alumni-only national search engine that posts hundreds of new positions daily.

Then how many jobs are actually in the system most days?

There are always 250,000+ jobs in the national alumni-exclusive portion of BruinView™ for Alumni. An additional 10,000+ jobs that have been posted for both UCLA students and alumni are also available all the time.

Can I upload a resume?



Can I have more than one resume saved online?

You may store up to ten resumes, ten cover letters, and ten other job search documents, such as your unofficial transcript or writing samples. You should create and save these documents in Word or other word processing programs to facilitate the upload into the system.

Can I apply for jobs online through the system?

Yes, once you have stored your job search documents in BruinView™, employers can request that you apply for their jobs directly through BruinView™. Each employer will detail which application documents they require (resume, cover letter, etc.). You can then retrieve the appropriate materials for each application, create an email cover, and submit your application. Employers may also link you directly to their employment sites on their respective web site and request that you apply directly to their internal application systems (applicant tracking systems).

What other services will I have access to if I subscribe to BruinView™ for Alumni?

Subscribing Alumni Association members who visit the UCLA campus enjoy the following additional services (both require photo ID):

Admission to Career Center job fairs.

Browse the career and job search resources in our Career Center Career Lab.

NOTE: Counseling and drop-in consulting with our counseling staff, as well as campus interviewing, are exclusively reserved for current UCLA students.

Virtual career counseling and job search services are offered to UC alumni separately from the BruinView™ for Alumni subscription.

Will my resume be available for employers to access through criteria-based searches of BruinView™?

This feature will be available in the future; subscribing alumni will be able to opt out of this service (for those conducting confidential searches.)

Can I talk to someone if I'm having problems logging in to my BruinView™ account?

If you experience difficulty logging in to your BruinView™ for Alumni account, we can best respond to your problem through email. Describe your problem, include your full name, student ID, any associated account numbers, and send it to us at AlumService@career.ucla.edu. You may also call 310.206.1915 during regular business hours (Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm, except holidays). Calls and/or email inquiries will be returned within 24 hours or the next business day.

How long should my job search take?

The length of each alumni job search can vary depending on the job market conditions, candidate credentials, the industry in which the search is conducted, etc. The Career Center has found that a six-month job listings subscription usually provides a sufficient time-frame for alumni to secure employment. However, many have found success in a few weeks, while others may take three to six months.

Do I have to join the UCLA Alumni Association if I graduated from another UC campus?

Yes, membership in the UCLA Alumni Association is required. The Career Center has joined with the UCLA Alumni Association in providing this exclusive member benefit for UCLA alumni and graduates of other UC campuses.

I'm already a member of my own UC campus' alumni association. Do I still need to join the UCLA Alumni Association?

Yes. Each UC alumni association is a separate entity; they do not offer reciprocal membership services between campuses' associations.


Do my Alumni Association membership dues include access to BruinView™ for Alumni job listings?

No, but your membership provides you the benefit (option) to purchase the six-month subscription to BruinView™ for Alumni for just $30.

May I preview the listings before purchasing a BruinView™ for Alumni subscription?

No, there are no preview or trial options, and all subscription sales are final.

If I get a job right away or do not think the positions match my skills, may I get my money back?

No, your Alumni Association membership dues and the $30 BruinView™ for Alumni fee are not refundable.

Can I interrupt my subscription and restart it at a later date?

No, the BruinView™ for Alumni subscription is for six consecutive, uninterrupted months of access commencing from the date of purchase.

Where do I find my Alumni Association membership number?

It can be found on the front or back of your membership card, on the label of UCLA Magazine or you may contact a member service representative at 310.825.2586 or at alumni@alumni.ucla.edu.